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New Paper

BRIE Working Paper 2014-4, "The Next Epoch in Cloud Computing: Implications for Integrated Research and Innovation Strategy." Kenji E. Kushida, Jonathan Murray, Patrick Scaglia, John Zysman.

Escape from the Commodity Trap: Will the Production Transformation Sustain Productivity, Growth and Jobs?, John Zysman (2014).

BRIE Working Paper 2014-3, "Awaiting the Second Big Data Revolution", Mark Huberty (2014).

BRIE Working Paper 2014-2, "Cloud Computing: From Scarcity to Abundance." Kenji E. Kushida, Jonathan Murray, and John Zysman.

Upcoming Event

IT Workshop: February 6, 2012

Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE) is partnering with Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) to host a joint-conference to be held at Berkeley in February 2012.  Leading academics and industry experts will be invited to lead and participate in discussion. The focus will be on critical issues for information technology: the emerging platforms of Cloud Computing and Next Generation Mobile, along with digital content, and the policy and market structure issues linking domestic and global markets.

The workshop will last one full day, with two conference dinners and one lunch.  We will have a single keynote presentation by Dr. Jun Murai that will be open to the campus community.

New Books

The End of Influence: What Happens When Other Countries Have the Money. by Stephen Cohen and J. Bradford DeLong. Basic Books, 2010.

How Revolutionary was the Revolution?: National Responses, Market Transitions, and Global Technology in the Digital Era, BRIE/ETLA/Helsinki Project edited by John Zysman and Abraham Newman, Stanford University Press, June 2006.

Recent Working Papers

WP 201:TPN Transatlantic Week. Cloud Computing: Policy Challenges for a Globally Integrated Innovation, Prodcution and Market Platform. Johnathan Murray and John Zysman. July 2011.

WP 188: The State in a Double Bind: Staying Wealthy in a Changing Global Economy. John Zysman and Dan Breznitz. April 2010.

WP 187: The Digital Transformation of Services: From Economic Sinkhole to Productivity Driver. John Zysman, Stuart Feldman, Jonathan Murray, Niels Christian Nielsen, Kenji Kushida, 2010.

WP 186: Fordism Light: Hyundai's Challenge to Coordinated Capitalism. Gregory Noble, March 2010.

WP 185: Venture Capital Investment in the Greentech Industries: A Provocative Essay. Martin Kenney, 2009.

WP 184: Leading without Followers: the Political Economy of Japan's ICT Sector, Kenji E. Kushida, December 2008.

WP 183: The Services Transformation and IT Network Regulation. Kenji E. Kushida and John Zysman, June 2008.