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The working papers archive includes over 180 BRIE Working Papers from the mid 1980s to the present, authored by BRIE faculty, researchers and affiliates.

All BRIE publications located on this site are free to download. To order a hardcopy of working or research papers, please email at or call 510-642-0474.

  • WP 101: International Production Networks and Changing Trade Patterns in East Asia. Dieter Ernst and Paolo Guerrieri. 1998. $4.00.
  •  WP 93: Adversarial Legalism. Transactions Costs. and the Industrial Flight Hypothesis. C.L. Anderson and R. Kagan. Forthcoming
  •  WP 82: Corporate Investment Strategies for the Pacific Region: Some Evolving Changes in Japanese FDI. Dennis Tachiki. 1995.  $3.50.
  • WP 68: Antidotes to Regionalism: Responses to Trade Diversion Effects of NAFTA. Richard Steinberg, 1993, $5.00.
  • WP 64: From Boom to Bust in the Golden State: The Structural Dimension of California's Prolonged Recession. Stephen Cohen, Clara Garcia and Oscar Loureiro, 1993. $5.00.
  • WP 60: The Building of the Internet: Implications for Future of Broadband Networks. Francois Bar, Jeffrey Hart, and Robert Reed, 1992. $5.00.
  • WP 58: Mercantilism and Global Security. Michael Borrus, Steven Weber, John Zysman and Joseph Willihngnaz, 1992. $2.00.
  • WP 54: Technological and Trade Competition in High-Tech Products. Paolo Guerrieri and Carlo Milana, 1991. $4.00.
  • WP 53: The Regional Architecture of Global Electronics: Trajectories, Linkages and Access to Technology. Michael Borrus, 1993. $4.00.
  • WP 48: They Are Not Us: Why American Ownership Still Matters. Laura Tyson, 1991. $3.00.
  • WP 46: Korean Choices and Patterns of Advanced Country Development. John Zysman, 1991. $7.00.
  • WP 43: Configuring the Telecommunications Infrastructure for the Computer Age. Francois Bar, 1990. $6.00.
  • WP 37: The State and Technology Policy: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative. Manuel Castells, 1988. $5.00.
  • WP 35: Corporate Strategy Lessons from the Trade Disaster: You Can't Control What You Can't Produce Competitively. Stephen Cohen and John Zysman, 1988. $4.50.
  • WP 34: Perceptions of Work Reorganization: Interviews with Business and Labor Leaders in Four Industries. Laura Turner and Jana Gold, 1988. $5.00.
  • WP 29: The Japanese Challenge in Biotechnology: Industrial Policy. Akihiro Yoshikawa, 1987. $6.00.
  • WP 23: Creating Advantage: Strategic Policy for National Competitiveness. Laura Tyson, 1987. $3..00.
  • WP 22: The U.S. and the World Economy in Transition. Laura Tyson, 1986, $3.00.
  • WP 20: Conditionality and Adjustment in Socialist Economies: Hungary and Yugoslavia. Laur Tyson, Sherman Robinson and Leyla Woods, 1984. $3.00.
  • WP 19: New Technologies in a Traditional Sector: The Benetton Case. Fiorenza Belussi, 1986. $3.00.
  • WP 18: High Technology, Economic Policies, World Development. Manuel Castells, 1986. $3.00.
  • WP 17: Beating Our Plowshares into Double-Edged Swords: The Impact of Pentagon Policies on Commercialization of Advanced Technologies. Jay Stowsky, 1986. $3.00.
  • WP 16: Technology and the Relocation of Employment in the Insurance Industry. Jean Marion Ross, 1986. $3.00.
  • WP 15: The Dynamics of Techno-Industrial Emulation: Growth Patterns of Industrial Pre-eminence and U.S.- Japanese Conflicts in High Technology. Taizo Yakushiji, 1985. $3.00.
  • WP 14: Telecommunications Development in Comparative Perspective: The New Telecommunications in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. Michael Borrus, Francois Bar, Patrick Cogez, Ann Thoresen, Akihiro Yoshikawa and Ibraham Warde, 1985. $3.00.
  • WP 13: Reversing Attrition: Strategic Response to the Erosion of U.S. Leadership in Microelectronics. Michael Borrus, 1985. $3.00.
  • WP 12: The Impacts of Divestiture and Deregulation: Infrastructural Changes, Manufacturing Transition, and Competition in the United States Telecommunications Industry. Michael Borrus and Ibraham Warde, 1984. $3.00.
  • WP 9: Technological Innovation and Deregulation: The Transformation of the Labor Process in the Insurance Industry. Barbara Baran, Jean Ross, Arianna Van Meurs and Stephen Cohen. 1985, $3.00.
  • WP 8: Competitiveness (Volume III of the Report of the President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness). Stephen Cohen, Laura Tyson, John Zysman and David Teece. 1984, $3.00.
  • WP 7: The New Media, Telecommunications, and Development: Choices for the United States and Japan. Michael Borrus and John Zysman, 1984. $3.00.
  • WP 6: Responses to the Japanese Challenge in High Technology: Innovation, Maturity, and the U.S.- Japanese Competition in Microelectronics. Michael Borrus, James Millstein and John Zysman, 1984. $3.00.
  • WP 5: Assessing the Commercial Impact of the Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Program. Leslie Brueckner, 1984. $3.00.
  • WP 4: Institutions, Politics, and Industrial Policy in France. Stephen Cohen and Serge Halini, 1984. $3.00.
  • WP 3: How Government Policies Shape High-Technology Trade. Michael Borrus, Laura Tyson, and John Zysman, 1984. $3.00.
  • WP 2: U.S. Japanese Trade and Industrial Policies. John Zysman and Laura Tyson, 1984. $3.00.
  • WP 1: Countertrade, Offsets, Barter and Buybacks: A Crisis in the Making. Stephen Cohen and John Zysman, 1984.$3.00.