Working Papers








Previous Years:

  •  WP 82: Corporate Investment Strategies for the Pacific Region: Some Evolving Changes in Japanese FDI. Dennis Tachiki. (1995).
  • WP 64: From Boom to Bust in the Golden State: The Structural Dimension of California’s Prolonged Recession. Stephen Cohen, Clara Garcia and Oscar Loureiro, (1993).
  • WP 54: Technological and Trade Competition in High-Tech Products. Paolo Guerrieri and Carlo Milana, (1991).
  • WP 53: The Regional Architecture of Global Electronics: Trajectories, Linkages and Access to Technology. Michael Borrus, (1993).
  • WP 43: Configuring the Telecommunications Infrastructure for the Computer Age. Francois Bar, (1990).
  • WP 37: The State and Technology Policy: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative. Manuel Castells, (1988).
  • WP 29: The Japanese Challenge in Biotechnology: Industrial Policy. Akihiro Yoshikawa, (1987).
  • WP 18: High Technology, Economic Policies, World Development. Manuel Castells, (1986).
  • WP 16: Technology and the Relocation of Employment in the Insurance Industry. Jean Marion Ross, (1986).
  • WP 15: The Dynamics of Techno-Industrial Emulation: Growth Patterns of Industrial Pre-eminence and U.S.- Japanese Conflicts in High Technology.Taizo Yakushiji, (1985).
  • WP 14: Telecommunications Development in Comparative Perspective: The New Telecommunications in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. Michael Borrus, Francois Bar, Patrick Cogez, Ann Thoresen, Akihiro Yoshikawa and Ibraham Warde, (1985).
  • WP 12: The Impacts of Divestiture and Deregulation: Infrastructural Changes, Manufacturing Transition, and Competition in the United States Telecommunications Industry. Michael Borrus and Ibraham Warde, (1984).
  • WP 9: Technological Innovation and Deregulation: The Transformation of the Labor Process in the Insurance Industry. Barbara Baran, Jean Ross, Arianna Van Meurs and Stephen Cohen, (1985).
  • WP 8: Competitiveness (Volume III of the Report of the President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness). Stephen Cohen, Laura Tyson, John Zysman and David Teece, (1984).
  • WP 6: Responses to the Japanese Challenge in High Technology: Innovation, Maturity, and the U.S.- Japanese Competition in Microelectronics. Michael Borrus, James Millstein and John Zysman, (1984).
  • WP 5: Assessing the Commercial Impact of the Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Program. Leslie Brueckner, (1984).
  • WP 3: How Government Policies Shape High-Technology Trade. Michael Borrus, Laura Tyson, and John Zysman, (1984).
  • WP 2: U.S. Japanese Trade and Industrial Policies. John Zysman and Laura Tyson, (1984).