Recent Publications and New Research


        The Regulation of Labor Platforms: The Politics of the Uber Economy”  Ruth Collier,          Veena Dubal and Christopher Carter (2017).                                                                          Supported in part by a grant from the Kauffman Foundation.

From Great Power Politics to a StrategicStrategic Vacuum: Origins and Consequences of the TPP and TTIP”  Melissa K Griffith, Richard Steinberg,John Zysman,  article submitted to Business and Politics for publication (January 2017).

BRIE Working Paper 2017-1. “Explaining the Growth and Globalization of Silicon Valley: The Past and Today” Martin Kenney (2017).


BRIE Working Paper 2016-10. “Artificial Intelligence and Robots: Thoughts, Reflection on Policy Inaction in Israel and some nasty general predictions” Dan Breznitz. Presentation at the National Academics of Science, Engineering and Medicine (USA) workshop on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: Policy Implications for the Next Decade. Washington DC, December 12, 2016.

BRIE Working Paper 2016-9. “What is the Future or Work? Understanding the Platform Economy and Computation-Intensive Automation“. Martin Kenney and John Zysman (2016).

BRIE Working Paper 2016-8. “Measuring Entrepreneurial Activity at Kansas and Missouri Universities“. W. Richard Goe, Martin Kenney, Donald Patton (2016).

BRIE Working Paper 2016-7. “Exploring the Marker-Industrial Revolution: Will the future of production be local?” Anna Waldman Brown (2016).

BRIE Working Paper 2016-6. “Mobile Internet Business Models in China: Vertical Hierarchies, Horizontal Conglomerates, or Business Groups?“. Kai Jia and Martin Kenney (2016).

BRIE Working Paper 2016-5. “University Technology Transfer in China: A Literature Review and Taxonomy“. Aihua Chen, Donald Patton, Martin Kenney (October 2016).

BRIE Working Paper 2016-4. “SME Instrument – So Far So Good? Expectations, Reality and Lessons to Learn“. Alberto Di Minin, Chiara Eleonora De Marco, Maria Karaulova (October 2016).

BRIE Working Paper 2016-3. “The Next Phase in the Digital Revolution: Platforms, Abundant Computing; Growth and Employment“. John Zysman and Martin Kenney (August 2016).

BRIE Working Paper 2016-2. “Product-centric Information Management: A Case Study of a Shared Platform with Blockchain Technology“. Juri Mattila, Timo Seppälä and Jan Holmström (May 2016).

China’s 13th 5-Year Plan: Implications for the Automobile Industry” Testimony by Crystal Chang for The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (April 2016).

The Rise of the Platform Economy” Martin Kenney and John Zysman. Issues in Science and Technology. Article. (April 2016). Also referenced in Financial Times Chinese Review.

BRIE Working Paper 2016-1. “The Blockchain Phenomenon: The Disruptive Potential of Distributed Consensus Architectures“. Juri Mattila (April 2016). This paper is also an ETLA working paper (no. 38).

Certification, Clusters, and Creativity: An Analysis of Etsy as a Platform Firm” Kara Hawkins. Article. (March 2016).

The Platform Firm Flexport: Benefitting from its cluster and the globalization of production” Kelsey Hutcherson. Term Paper. (March 2016).

Concrete Economics: The Hamilton Approach to Economic Growth and Policy Stephen Cohen and Brad DeLong. Book. (March 2016).

Marketplace Rules and International Deal Making: Some thoughts about the implications of the TPP” John Zysman, Discussion Paper. Prepared for the Munk School Conference, “The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Options for Canada and the World” (January 2016).


Great Power Politics in a Global Economy Origins and Consequences of the TPP and TTIP” Melissa K Griffith, Richard Steinberg, John Zysman, Conference Paper. Prepared for Unpacking the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Negotiations (October 2015).

Winning Coalitions for Climate Policy: How Industrial Policy Builds Support for Carbon Regulation” Jonas Meckling, Nina Kelsey, Eric Biber, and John Zysman. Science, Article. (September 2015).

BRIE Working Paper 2015-6. “Salient Green: Business Power and Trade Policy Responses to Chinese Solar Imports“. Llewelyn Hughes and Jonas Meckling (August 2015).

BRIE Working Paper 2015-5, “Globalizing Solar: Industry Specialization and Firm Demands for Trade Protection” Jonas Meckling and Llewelyn Hughes (July 2015).

Choosing a Future in the Platform Economy: The Implications and Consequences of Digital Platforms” Martin Kenney and John Zysman. Discussion Paper. Prepared for the New Entrepreneurial Growth Conference, Kauffman Foundation (June 2015).

Beyond Cloud: Implications for the Industrialization of IT and the 3rd Era of Computing” Jonathan Murray, Presentation. (May 2015).

Value in the Era of the Platform Economy” Martin Kenney, Presentation. (March 2015 – Revised May 2015).

BRIE Working Paper 2015-4, “Signaling Legitimacy to Foreign Investors: Evidence from Chinese IPOs on U.S. Markets.” Xu Jin, Donald Patton, and Martin Kenney (May 2015).

BRIE Working Paper 2015-3. “Responding to Uncertainty: Syndication Partner Choice by Foreign Venture Capital Firms in China.” Xiao Huang and Martin Kenney (2015).

BRIE Working Paper 2015-2. “Innovative Clusters & New Work: A case study of TaskRabbit” Emily Isaac (March 2015).

BRIE Working Paper 2015-1. “MyFitnessPal: How This Winner-Took-All by Helping People Lose.” Emily Alonso (March 2015).

Regional Identity and Value Creation in the Wine Industry” Bradley C. Christensen, Martin Kenney and Donald Patton, Article. Forthcoming: California Agriculture.

Work in the Digital Era: Choosing a Future” John Zysman, Presentation. Prepared for: Future of Work, Open Society Foundation (April 2015).


BRIE Working Paper 2014-7. “Disruptive Innovation: Risk-Shifting and Precarity in the Age of Uber” Emily Isaac (2014).

BRIE Working Paper 2014-6, “Where Will Work Come from in the Era of the Cloud and Big Data?” John Zysman, Martin Kenney (2014).

BRIE Working Paper 2014-5, “The Next Epoch in Cloud Computing: Implications for Integrated Research and Innovation Strategy.” Kenji E. Kushida, Jonathan Murray, Patrick Scaglia, John Zysman (2014)

BRIE Working Paper 2014-4, “Escape from the Commodity Trap: Will the Production Transformation Sustain Productivity, Growth and Jobs?,” Written for the European Commission. John Zysman (2014).

BRIE Working Paper 2014-3, “Awaiting the Second Big Data Revolution“, Mark Huberty (2014).

BRIE Working Paper 2014-2, “Cloud Computing: From Scarcity to Abundance.” Kenji E. Kushida, Jonathan Murray, and John Zysman (2014)


Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade Special Issue: “Digital Disruption and its Social Impacts”

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