Mark J. Nitzberg


John Zysman; Mark J. Nitzberg
Working Paper, 2024
Mark J. Nitzberg; Camille Carlton
Working Paper, 2021
Mark J. Nitzberg; John Zysman; Amelia Michael
Working Paper, 2021
Mark J. Nitzberg; John Zysman
Working Paper, 2021
Mark J. Nitzberg; Timo Seppala; John Zysman
Journal Article, 2019
Job title: 
Executive Director, Berkeley’s Center for Human-Compatible AI; Head of Strategic Outreach, Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) Lab; Director of Technology Research, BRIE

Dr. Mark Nitzberg is a computer scientist and entrepreneur focused on the effects of AI and related technologies on our society, economy and democracy. In addition to serving as Director of Technology Research at BRIE, he also serves as Executive Director of UC Berkeley Center for Human-Compatible AI and Head of Strategic Outreach for Berkeley AI Research. Mark works on understanding and anticipating the societal and economic impacts of technology, and its corresponding benefits, risks and governance. He is co-author of Solomon’s Code — an examination of AI and how it reshapes human values, trust, and power around the world — and has published a number of pieces on AI impacts and governance.

In industry, Mark’s experience is diverse, having built technology ventures applying AI in health care, finance, education and data analytics for developing regions. Among these, he was founding CTO of Smartleaf, which automates the management of investment portfolios at scale.  He brings a first-hand perspective to the future of technology, platforms, fintech, and more. An underlying theme of much of his work has been the practical application of technology to address market needs in human-centered and sustainable ways, or the use of technology for beneficial social impact and quality-of-life improvements.


Ph.D., Computer Science, Harvard University
B.A., Mathematics and Music Composition, University of Oregon