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Featured Publications

Digitalization and Platforms in Agriculture: Organizations, Power Asymmetry, and Collective Action Solutions

Martin Kenney, Hiam Serhan, and Gilles Trystram


The hype has eclipsed the limitations of third-wave artificial intelligence

Mark Nitzberg, Timo Seppala, and John Zysman


The Platform Economy Matures: Pervasive Power, Private Regulation, and Dependent Entrepreneurs

Martin Kenney, Dafna Bearson, and John Zysman


The Future of Work in Germany

Laura Tyson


Beyond Hype and Despair: Developing Healthy Communities in the Era of Intelligent Tools

Martin Kenney, John Zysman, and Laura Tyson


Unicorns, Cheshire cats, and the new dilemmas of entrepreneurial finance

Martin Kenney and John Zysman


The Rise of the Platform Economy

Martin Kenney and John Zysman