The Era of Intelligent Tools and Systems

Socioeconomic Transformation and the Technology Toolbox (STATT)

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About BRIE

The Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE), located on the University of California, Berkeley campus in the San Francisco Bay Area near Silicon Valley, was founded on the premise that there can be no long-term, low-tech prosperity for the American economy. Continued leadership in the development, production, and adoption of new technologies in the United States is the key to America’s economic health. BRIE research has shown that national comparative advantage is created not revealed, that high-tech trade patterns are massively influenced by domestic policies, that what a nation produces and trades – the composition of domestic production – matters mightily for growth and security.  

BRIE Research Areas

Recent Research and Publications

Angela Garcia Calvo; Martin Kenney; John Zysman
Working Paper, 2023
Brian Judge; Barry Eichengreen; John Zysman
Working Paper, 2023
Angela Garcia Calvo; Martin Kenney; John Zysman
Working Paper, 2022
John W. Cioffi; Martin Kenney; John Zysman
Journal Article, 2022
Juri Mattila; Timo Seppälä; Kaisa Salakka
Working Paper, 2021