Choosing a Future in the Platform Economy: The Implications and Consequences of Digital Platforms


Our basic premise is that the emergence of a platform-based economic reorganization will not dictate our future, though undoubtedly it will and is already beginning to frame the choices we are making.iv How we deploy those tools, choices that will reflect corporate strategy and public policy, will condition the society we are building. Will the Platform Economy, the reorganization of markets, enterprises, and social organization it portends, catalyze economic growth and a surge in productivity driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs? Or will the reorganization concentrate gains in the hands of those who generate the platforms and possibly even stifle future entrepreneurs? Will it spark a wave of entrepreneurial possibilities, or an avalanche of dispossessed workers trying to make their way with gigs and temporary contracts? Ultimately, what do we need to know and understand to shape this future?

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Publication date: 
June 18, 2015
Publication type: 
Working Paper