Corporate Governance and Globalization: Long Range Planning Issues


In response to increasing activism focusing on relations between shareholders and corporate managements (witness the protests at the 1999 Seattle meeting of the World Trade Organization), the literature on corporate governance is expanding. Eleven contributed papers examine the policy implications of such issues for the efficiency of firms and international financial markets especially the US, the European Union, and Japan, and advocate increased cooperation to support structural complementaries in the global economy. Figures and tables detail such factors as alternative corporate control structures, cross-border investments, and recent changes in corporate governance by country. Cohen co-directs the Berkeley Round Table on the International Economy at the U. of California, Berkeley.

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Publication date: 
January 1, 2000
Publication type: 
Cohen, S. S., & Boyd, G. (2000). Corporate Governance and Globalization: Long Range Planning Issues (New Horizons in International Business series). Edward Elgar Pub.