MyFitnessPal: How This Winner-Took-All by Helping People Lose


Up until about 10 years ago, when a person thought of fitness, health or weight loss, they did not necessarily associate those things with technology. However, as the world takes on a new digital landscape, health care industries from weight-loss to hospitals are becoming increasingly digitized. The idea behind this digitization of the health/fitness industries is that people able to quantify their health will be more likely to improve it (MacManus). Thus with the utilization of big data, big people will begin to no longer be an “epidemic” in our society. Though this is wishful thinking, digital platforms are making individual health related data processes more efficient, with quicker delivery than ever before possible and an enhanced user experience. Those willing to commit to their own positive physical change whilst utilizing assisting technologies are becoming healthier in a more efficient manner... 

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Emily Alonso
Publication date: 
March 20, 2015
Publication type: 
Working Paper